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Dear Visionary,What if I told you that starting today:I could increase your bottom-line revenue by 10% - 30%...And…Transform your current email list into one of your most reliable forms of brand growth and hassle-free cashflow within just 30-days!All with zero-risk involved for you whatsoever.Would that sound almost too good to be true?Well, over the next few minutes I’ll be revealing all my “insider” secrets below to show you exactly how this is possible.Because let’s be honest.The last thing you need is to be wasting any more precious time stuck inside the klaviyo dashboard when you have a million-and-one better things to do.So, if you really do value your time as much as I think you do…AND.You’re ready to start making more money on your backend than you know what to do with…Then you’ll seriously want to keep your eyes glued to this page.Now.Let’s jump straight into it:My name’s Drew Beeson (Founder of Herculean Copywriting) and I’m somewhat of a digital mystery-man.I've never climbed the corporate ladder, licking boots and polishing apples…Also, I'm realistically about 20 years out from my mid-life crisis.But, with that being said…What I lack in gray hairs and social media addiction… I more than make up for with my “slightly freakish” level of direct response marketing knowledge, skin-in-the-game experience, and…

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You see.Like Nicholas Cage, I have a very particular set of skills.And even though tracking down international criminals isn’t my speciality…Implementing tailored email marketing solutions certainly is!Which is why I’ve been responsible for generating $10,000’s of additional revenue per month for DTC e-com brands and info product businesses who were severely lacking an email presence.From tiny start-ups all the way to multi-million dollar “big-leaguers”.I’ve seen it all.And when it comes to finding the “sweet spot” to maximizing your email potential, it’s important to remember that there’s no “one size fits all” approach.What works best for your brand might be an absolute disaster for another…Yet so many people get suckered into sabotaging their strongest channel of communication on the daily by trusting the same overused, outdated, email methods that almost everybody else is using.Sure, some might get lucky.But why risk leaving your brand's future in the hands of luck?With the amount of empty noise all over the internet It’s hard not to get led astray.So I must warn you.If you’re looking for heavily designed, generic, "branding" emails then we’re not going to be a good fit.I’m in the business of growing brands…Not making them look “cute” and “quirky”.The email system I’ll create for you isn’t likely to win any modelling awards or beauty pageants…But what it will do for you is create a scalable community of loyal, paying, customers.The same way it was used to generate an…

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Now I must confess.Not every brand I work with hits a homerun like this…There’s a few basic conditions that need to be met first.But after leading many profitable make-or-break marketing campaigns.Investing $1000’s studying and refining the teachings of the greatest direct response marketers in history.And by dedicating countless hours of deep work to creating high-converting content.I’m confident you’ll see the difference in results that your brands’ been waiting to experience for so long.In fact,I’d even go as far as encouraging you to ethically exploit the living daylights out of my proven system to not only generate huge returns via its own platform, but to also…

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Honestly,It’s a thing of beauty if you’re looking to convert more passing traffic into first time buyers… and then re-selling those same customers time-and-time again.Because let’s face it…It can be a real kick in the teeth watching the traffic you’ve paid for go to waste.(Especially with the current state of paid ads!)However, once you have your hands on this “lynchpin” for marketing success, it’s almost impossible not to break through any revenue ceilings or engagement issues you may currently be struggling with.So how does it work?Well it follows 3 simple principles on the surface.Create unique and “on-target” landing pages / website copy / email strategies to ramp up initial sales from all your areas of advertising.Capture high quality leads and “feed” your email marketing funnel with qualified prospects who are ripe for the picking.Convert your growing list of engaged prospects into loyal repeat customers with high LTV and AOV strategies.Now, Like I said…That’s a very condensed version!So let’s dive deeper, shall we?Here are some of the more potent techniques I have tucked away that could not only generate you an additional 5 - 6 figures per month…But also lay the foundation to nurture your future brand-loyalists:

  • Identify Your “Masked-Millionaires” And Engage With Them The Correct Way!

  • Establish The Right Tone And Voice To Persuasively Connect With Your Audience!

  • Structure Irresistible Offers That SCREAM Value Whilst Maintaining Healthy Margins!

  • Knowing Which Emotional Cords… And The Important Sequence To Strum Them In… In Order To Orchestrate A Sweet Symphony of Sales And Positive Feedback!

  • Access To A Little-Known Trick That Lowers Your Refund Rates By Spiking Customer Engagement!

  • Uncover Your Secret Unfair Advantage!

  • Remove The Risk of Self-Sabotaging One of Your Strongest Channels of Communication.

  • How To Turn A Simple “Thank You” Into A Powerful Weapon For Brand Exposure!

  • Reach New Potential Prospects…

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(Arguably the most powerful method of marketing to ever exist and one that you’ll find hardly anybody else talking about nowadays)Actually,This technique is so established that it has quite literally been responsible for turning millions of everyday, ordinary, “boring” products into world-wide household names since the dawn of trading and gives you access to the highest-quality leads you can ever dream of filling your email list with!It has been the #1 persuader for generations and should be in any serious business’s playbook.Carrying on:

  • Drive Massive Engagement (And Sales) Through The Art of Storytelling!

  • Hook Your “Power Prospects” By Appealing To Their True Core Desires!

  • Position Yourself As A Trusted Authority And Respected Voice Amongst Your Marketplace!

  • Implement Proven Time-Tested Strategies To Ensure KPI Breaking Results!

  • How To Disguise A Compelling Sales Letter As An Innocent Blog Post (Game Changer For SEO And Email Campaigns!)

  • Maximize Conversions With A Mixture of Persuasive “Under The Radar” Copy And Blatant “Get Em’ While They’re Hot” Sales Pitches!

  • Diversify Your Portfolio of Effective Advertising!

  • “Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot” To Increase AOV And Lower Shipping Costs!

  • Discovering The Missing Link In Your Automated Flows That…

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If there is just one common mistake that I see all the time it would be this…And the worst part is?It’s hidden right in plain sight!Thankfully, it’s an easy fix if you know the right “levers to pull” and the intricate process behind making it one of your largest revenue earning flows …You can also expect to:

  • Persuade "On-The-Fence" Prospects Into Taking Immediate Action!

  • Escape The Spam Box – (FOR GOOD!)

  • Routine “Spring Cleaning” To Keep Your List Healthy And Upkeep Costs Minimal!

  • Segmenting Your List - The Smart Way - To Deliver The Right Messages To The Most Receptive Audience!

  • The Gentle (But Effective) Way To Turn Costly “List Squatters" Into Paying Customers!

  • How To Lead Your Customers Into A Buying Frenzy And Sell Out of Stock Within HOURS!

  • Grow Your List 2X - 10X Faster… Without Being A Giveaway Artist!

  • Open The “Floodgates” of Customers Who WANT To Create Free Content For You!

  • Increase Your Bottom-Line...

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Plus a whole lot more!Now, That may feel like a lot to take in.Which is ok, I get it…In this industry people tend to over promise and sadly under deliver.But the thing is I stand by every word I’ve written above!This is my bread and butter.And I’m a strong believer in letting my work speak for itself.Which is why:Until the 30th of June 2022...I’ll be accepting only two new clients under a free 30-day trial basis to increase your revenue by 10% (minimum)...Meaning:I will build out an email system solely designed for you at my expense for a full 30-days and if you don't see at least a 10% increase in revenue then you don't pay me a thing!With zero obligation involved for you!You won’t be tied into some sneaky backdoor agreement.And there’s no hidden fees in sight… (or hiding for that matter!)There is however…

Only One String Attached!

I ask that you keep an open mind during this process…My methods of advertising may seem outlandish and downright crazy at times!But there is a method behind the madness.And it’s one that pulls in crazy revenue.So I will need you to trust my expertise and give me full creative freedom to do what I do best!Don’t just take my word for it though:

“Drew is a skilled, up-and-coming copywriter who's highly motivated to get his clients results. He's got a particular knack for writing compelling fascination bullets — and that's the stuff that really makes your reader say, "I've gotta have this!" I highly recommend you hire Drew if you're looking for increased conversion rates and an all-around reliable, understanding copywriter to capture your voice."

- Nolan Bulger (

Truth be told. Just like Nolan pointed out...I’m very much considered an underdog in this game compared to the agency giants of the industry.And that gives you a huge advantage!Because unlike most agencies, you are my soul focus.You won’t be brushed off to an army of “junior assistants” who’s only objective is to do just enough to keep you paying.No.I’m here as an extension of you.To maximize your potential across the board and to build the receptive customer base that your brand deserves…It’s just me and my laptop, putting 100% effort to make this work.And if that’s a bad way to provide my service then shoot me.But I believe in providing value…Not just hustling a quick buck.So if you’d like to own an email system that can raise your bottom-line by 10% - 30% (or more) over the next 30-days at my expenseThen here's what I want you to do now.Simply click the button and schedule yourself in for a quick call.The call won’t be anything too formal.Just a quick and friendly way to get a clearer understanding of where you’re at now and to see how I can help.However.With only a very limited number of spots available this month to start working with me, you'll want to hurry.Very rarely is my calendar open for new clients and it's even more unlikely to stay this way for long.So head on over now and let's talk!